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No. 34. — January 4, 1845.Edit


  1. Parties and Politics in the United States Spectator
  2. Sir Humphry Davy North British Review
  3. Geographical Society—Paris Academy Atbenæum
  4. Gossip of the Athenæum--Scott Monument—Painting on Glass—Camden Society—New Books Preparing—The Printer who brought out Beranger—French Prints—Statues of the Duke of Orleans and William the Conqueror—Admiral D'Urville—Sevres Manufactory—Six Paintings—Honors to Literary and Scientific Men—Mrs. Hofland—MS. Of Shakspeare—Works of King Réné—M. Orfila—Russian Archives—Beranger—Atmospheric Locomotives—Mud Baths
  5. The Magnetic Telegraph Albany Argus
  6. Relative Decay of the Sexes Dr G. Gregory
  7. Relationship Chambers' Journal
  8. The Woman of the World Bentley's Miscellany
  9. Newspapers Chambers' Journal
  10. Copyright of Translations Athenæum
  11. Too Late Chambers' Journal
  12. French Dramatic Novelties Athenæum


  1. Advice to Dwellers in Towns Chambers' Journal


  1. New Recipe
  2. A Surgical Puzzle
  3. Salt in Abyssinia
  4. French Abolition Agents—Abd-el-Kader
  5. Friends—Wordsworth—Business Hours