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Logic Taught by Love/An Aryan Seeress to a Hebrew Prophet


Death a Terror? Your thinking unveiled to my sight!
My heart bare before you in Heaven's own Light!
Our vesture of flesh shed off into the grave,
And nothing between us our love to enslave!
My own personal life has but parted us two;
And its death, O! my love! will be union with you.

Death a Terror? Yes, surely. For Love is a Fire.
We children of earth know not what we desire.
The Eternal, in passing us, stretched out His Hand
That we might not be lightning-struck, here, as we stand;
And I think, O!. my dear one! 'tis only too true
That That Hand put a veil between Gentile and Jew.

Death a Terror? Ah! yes! of all terrors the King.
Are we fit for such bliss as that meeting may bring?
The dazzle of wonder, the splendour unknown
Of a flash from your soul as it strikes on my own.
Then,———nor female nor male, no more Gentile nor Jew,
No more check on my freedom but union with you.