Manual of The Mother Church/Appendix/Deed Conveying Land

Boston, U.S.A.: Allison V. Stewart, pages 136–138

Deed Conveying Land for Church Purposes.

METCALF to KNAPP et al Trs.
Libro 2886, Fol. 521.

Know all Men,

That I, Albert Metcalf, the grantor in a certain deed given to Ira O. Knapp and others dated October 23, 1896, and recorded with Suffolk Deeds, Book 2591, page 398, do hereby declare that the land conveyed by said deed was conveyed to the grantees therein, as they are the Christian Science Board of Directors, upon the trusts, but not subject to the conditions mentioned in the deed creating said Board given by Mary Baker G. Eddy to Ira O. Knapp and others, dated September 1st, 1892, and recorded with Suffolk Deeds, Book 2081, page 257. In addition to the trusts contained in said deed of September 1, 1892, from Mary Baker G. Eddy, this property is conveyed on the further trusts that no new Tenet or By-Law shall be adopted, nor any Tenet or By-Law amended or annulled by the grantees unless the written consent of said Mary Baker G. Eddy, the author of the textbook “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” be given therefor, or unless at the written request of Mrs. Eddy the Executive Members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, (formerly called the “First Members,”) by a two-thirds vote of all their number, decide so to do. And that the same inscription which is on the outside of the present church edifice shall be placed on any new church erected on said lot. And in consideration of one dollar to me paid by said Ira O. Knapp, William B. Johnson, Joseph Armstrong and Stephen A. Chase, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, I do hereby confirm the deed as above mentioned, and do grant and release unto them, their heirs, successors and assigns in trust as aforesaid, the premises therein described.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of March, A. D. nineteen hundred and three.

Albert Metcalf. [Seal]

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, ss. March 20th, 1903.

Then said Albert Metcalf acknowledged the foregoing instrument to be his free act and deed.

Before me

Malcolm McLoud. 
Justice of the Peace.

March 20, 1903, at twelve o'clock and sixteen minutes P.M. Received, Entered and Examined.

Attest: Thos. F. Temple, Reg.

A true copy from the Records of Deeds for the County of Suffolk, Lib. 2886, Fol. 521.

Attest: Chas. W. Kimball, Asst. Reg.

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