Manual of The Mother Church/Board of Lectureship/Calls for Lectures

Boston, U.S.A.: Allison V. Stewart, pages 95–96

Article XXXII.


From the Directors. Section 1. When the need is apparent, the Christian Science Board of Directors of The Mother Church may call on any member of this Board of Lectureship to lecture at such places and at such times as the cause of Christian Science demands.

From Branch Churches. Sect. 2. The branch Churches of Christ, Scientist, may apply through their clerks to a member of this Board of Lectureship for a speaker, and one shall be assigned them by the Board.

From Societies. Sect. 3. If called for, a member of the Board may lecture for a Society.

Annual Lectures. Sect. 4. The Mother Church and the branch churches shall call on the Board of Lectureship annually for one or more lectures.

No Lectures by Readers. Sect. 5. No lecture shall be given by a Reader during his term of Readership. The duties alone of a Reader are ample.

No Wednesday Evening Lectures. Sect. 6. The Board of Lectureship shall not appoint a lecture for Wednesday evening.

Lecture Fee. Sect. 7. The lecture fee shall be left to the discretion of the lecturer.

Expenses. Sect. 8. The lecturer's traveling expenses and the cost of hall shall be paid by the church that employs him.

Exceptional Cases. Sect. 9. If a lecturer receive a call to lecture in a place where he sees there is special need, and the local church is unable to meet the expense, he is at liberty to supply that need and trust to contributions for his fee.