Manual of The Mother Church/Church Services/Services Uninterrupted

Boston, U.S.A.: Allison V. Stewart, pages 60–61

Article XVII.


Continued Throughout the Year. Section 1. The services of The Mother Church shall be continued twelve months each year. One meeting on Sunday during the months of July and August is sufficient. A Christian Scientist is not fatigued by prayer, by reading the Scriptures or the Christian Science textbook. Amusement or idleness is weariness. Truth and Love rest the weary and heavy laden.

Easter Observances. Sect. 2. In the United States there shall be no special observances, festivities, nor gifts at the Easter season by members of The Mother Church. Gratitude and love should abide in every heart each day of all the years. Those sacred words of our beloved Master, “Let the dead bury their dead,” and “Follow thou me,” appeal to daily Christian endeavors for the living whereby to exemplify our risen Lord.

Laying a Corner Stone. Sect. 3. No large gathering of people nor display shall be allowed when laying the Corner Stone of a Church of Christ, Scientist. Let the ceremony be devout. No special trowel should be used. (See Science and Health, page 140.)

Overflow Meetings. Sect. 4. A Church of Christ, Scientist, shall not hold two or more Sunday services at the same hour.