Marcus Aurelius (Haines 1916)/Bibliography


Of the chief editions and commentaries referred to in the critical notes.

Xyl.—The premier edition from the lost Palatine MS., issued in 1558, with a Latin translation by Xylander (i.e. W. Holzmann of Augsburg).

Cas.— Meric Casaubon's first edition of the original Greek in 1643. Reprinted 1680.

Gat.—Thomas Gataker's edition, published in 1652 at Cambridge with a new Latin version and voluminous notes including contributions from Saumaise (Salm.), Boot, and Junius. Reprinted 1696, 1704, 1707, 1729 (Wolle and Buddeus), 1744, 1751, 1775 (Morus).

Sch.—Jo. Matth. Schultz. Editions 1802 (Sleswig), 1820 (Leipzig), 1842 (Paris). Menagius and Reiske supplied notes to Schultz.

Cor.—A. Coraes, in vol. iv.: πάρεργα τῆς βιβλιοθήκης Ἑλληνικῆς. Paris, 1816. This editor has made more successful emendations of the text than any other.

Bach.— Nicholas Bach, "De Marco Aurelio Antonino," Lipsiae, 1826.

Pierron.—Alexis Pierron, "Pensées de l'Empéreur Marc Aurèle Antonin." Paris, 1843 (with introduction and notes).

Lofft.— Edition by C. L. Porcher ( = Capel Lofft). New York, 1863. Proof-sheets of this, with additional notes, are in the British Museum.

Scaph.—Panag. Schaphidiotes, "Κριτικαὶ Παρατηρήσεις ἐπὶ τῶν εἰς ἑαυτὸν ιβ´ βιβλίων Μάρκου Αντωνίνου." Athens, 1881.

Stick.—Jo. Stich, "Adnotationes criticae ad M. Antoninum," Programm der K. Studienanstatt, Zweibrücken, 1880/1.

The same editor brought out an edition for the Teubner Series in 1882, and a second revised edition in 1903, with valuable introductions and index.

Nauck.—August Nauck, "De M. Antonini Commentariis," 1882, Bulletin de l' Académie impériale des Sciences de St. Petersbourg (28), pp. 196–210. See also "Mélanges Gréco-Romains" ii. 743–5.

Pol.—Hermann J. Polak,"In Marci Antonini Commentarios analecta critica," Hermes xxi. (1886), pp. 321–356, and Sylloge commentationum quam C. Conto obtulerunt philoloqi Batavi, Lugd. Bat., 1894, pp. 85–94.

Rend.—G. H. Randall, "On the text of M. Aurelius Antoninus τὰ εἰς ἑαυτόν," Journal of Philology, xxiii., pp. 116–160.

Wilam.— Ulrich de Wilamowitz-Moellendorf, Griechisches Lesebuch ii., pp. 311–320. Berlin, 1902.

Hoffm.—P. Hoffmann, "Notes critiques sur Marc Aurèle," Revue de l'Instruction publique en Belgique, xlvii., 1904, pp. 11–23.

Sonny.—Adolf Sonny, "Zur Uebcrlieferung Geschichte von M. A.," Philogus 54, pp. 181–3.

Leop. J. H.—Leopold, "Ad M. Antonini commentaries." Mnemosyne xxxi., 1902, pp. 341–364; xxxiv., 1907, pp. 63–82. He also brought out a new edition of the Greek text for the Clarendon Press in 1911.

Fourn.—Paul Fournier, "Pensées de Marc Aurèle." Traduction d' Auguste Couat éditée par P. Fournier. Paris, 1904. There are numerous notes.

Rich.—Herbert Richards, "Notes on Marcus Aurelius," Classical Review, xix., Feb. 1905, pp. 18–21.

Kron.—A. J. Kronenberg, "Ad M. Antoninum," Classical Review, xix., July, 1905, pp. 301–3.

Schmidt.—Karl Fr. W. Schmidt, "Textkritische Bemerkungen zu Mark Aurel," Hermes, xlii. 1907, pp. 595–607.

Lemerc.—A. P. Lemercier, "Lea Pensees de Marc Aurèle," Paris, 1910, with notes and a good introduction.

Schenkl.—Heinrich Schenkl, a new edition of the Thoughts for the Teubner Press, 1913. The latest and most complete edition with valuable introductions and full indices. The same Editor has also published "Zur handscriftlichen Ueberlieferung von Marcus Antoninus" (Eranos Vinddbonensis, 1893), and "Zum erste Buche des Selbstbetrachtungen des Kaisers Marcus Antoninus" (Wiener Studien, 1912).

Haines.—C. R. Haines, "The Composition and Chronology of the Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius", Journal of Philology, vol. xxxiii., No. 66, pp. 278–295.

For the history and doctrines of Stoicism besides the standard work of Zeller and the recent treatise on "Roman Stoicism" by E. V. Arnold, the following will be found useful:—N. Bach (mentioned above) 1826; H. Doergens, "de comparatione Antoninianae philosophiae cum L. Annaei Senecae," 1816; the admirable essay on Stoicism by G. H. Rendall prefixed to his edition of 1898; "Greek and Roman Stoicism" by C. H. S. Davis, 1903; and "Stoic and Christian" by Leonard Alston, 1906.

P = Codex Palatinus (Xylander), = T (Schenkl).
A = Codex Vaticanus 1950.
C = Codex Parisinus 319.
D = Codex Darmstadtinus 2773.
Mo2 = Codex Monachensis (Munich) 529.

⟨ ⟩ Words thus enclosed are inserted by conjecture.
[ ] Words in the text which should probably be omitted.
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