Mars (1895)
by Percival Lowell
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November, 1894

Lowell Observatory

Flagstaff, A.T. 1894







This book is the result of a special study of the planet made during the last opposition, at an observatory put up for the purpose of getting as good air as practicable, at Flagstaff, Arizona. A steady atmosphere is essential to the study of planetary detail: size of instrument being a very secondary matter. A large instrument in poor air will not begin to show what a smaller one in good air will. When this is recognized, as it eventually will be, it will become the fashion to put up observatories where they may see rather than be seen.

Next to atmosphere comes systematic study. Of the extent to which this was realized at Flagstaff, I need only say that the planet was observed there from May 24, 1894, to April 3, 1895, during which time, to mention nothing else, 917 drawings and sketches were made of it. Prof. W. H. Pickering and Mr. A. E. Douglass were associated with me in the observations herein described.

Such as care to see the original data more technically and minutely treated will find them in the first volume of the Annals of this observatory.

Lowell Observatory,
November, 1895.


I. Mars, Sinus Titanum Colored Frontispiece.
November, 1894. (P. L.)
Orbits of Mars and the Earth 11
Huyghens' Drawing of the Syrtis Major 21
November 28, 1659.
(From Flammarion’s “La Planète Mars.”)
Terminator Effects 38
(P. L.)
II. Map of the South Pole of Mars 84
Showing the Polar Cap and its Changes in 1894.
(P. L.)
III. Mars, Longitude 0° on the Meridian 96
(P. L.)
IV. Mars, Longitude 30° on the Meridian 97
(P. L.)
V. Mars, Longitude 60° on the Meridian 99
(P. L.)
VI. Mars, Longitude 90° on the Meridian 100
(P. L.)
VII. Mars, Longitude 120° on the Meridian 101
(P. L.)
VIII. Mars, Longitude 150° on the Meridian 102
(P. L.)
IX. Mars, Longitude 180° on the Meridian 103
(P. L.)
X. Mars, Longitude 210° on the Meridian 104
(P. L.)
XI. Mars, Longitude 240° on the Meridian 105
(P. L.)

XII. Mars, Longitude 270° on the Meridian 105
(P. L.)
XIII. Mars, Longitude 300° on the Meridian 106
(P. L.)
XIV. Mars, Longitude 330° on the Meridian 107
(P. L.)
XV. Syrtis Major 111
Showing Seasonal Change during 1894. (P. L.)
XVI. Hesperia 116
Showing Seasonal Change during 1894. (P. L.)
XVII. Sea of the Sirens 122
Showing Seasonal Change during 1894. (P. L.)
XVIII. Fastigium Aryn 138
October, 1894. (P. L.)
XIX. Lacus Phoenicis 162
November, 1894. (P. L.)
XX. Terminator Views 170
August 24, 1894. (W. H. P.)
XXI. Drawings after Opposition (except one) 171
(A. E. D.)
XXII. Drawings after Opposition 173
(A. E. D.)
XXIII. Phison and Euphrates 194
Both Double, November 18, 1894. (P. L.)
XXIV. Mars, on Mercator's Projection 218
(P. L.)
XXV. Drawings of the Planet in 1894 202
(P. L.)
XXVI. Drawings of the Planet in 1894 208
(P. L.)

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