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Martin v. District of Columbia Court of Appeals

Court Documents

Supreme Court of the United States

506 U.S. 1

Martin  v.  District of Columbia Court of Appeals

On Motion of Petitioner for Leave to Proceed In Forma Pauperis

No. 92-5584 

Since this Court's Rule 39.8 was invoked in November 1991 to first deny pro se petitioner Martin in forma pauperis status, he has filed 11 petitions for certiorari, all but one of which have been demonstrably frivolous.

Held: Martin is denied leave to proceed in forma pauperis in the instant cases, and the Clerk is directed not to accept any further petitions for certiorari from him in noncriminal matters unless he pays the required docketing fee and submits his petition in compliance with this Court's Rule 33. Martin is a notorious abuser of the Court's certiorari process, and consideration of his repetitious and frivolous petitions does not allow the Court to allocate its resources in a way that promotes the interests of justice.

Motions denied.


^ . Together with No. 92–5618, Martin v. McDermott et al., also on motion of petitioner for leave to proceed in forma pauperis.