May's Account of Her Introduction to the Art of Love/Chapter 1

When I was sixteen years old I was a pupil teacher at the N. School. I had a bedroom to myself, but I always chose one of the elder girls to sleep with me. My favourite, Susey P-, was about my own age, and of a warm friendly disposition. We soon became very intimate, and promised to tell each other all our secrets.

We were both exceedingly curious to know all about the secret pleasures of love, and often talked over the subject at night, all the time fondling and playing with each other's cunts.

"Did you ever hear any name for this little chink, May?"

"Yes, dear, cunt. One of the girls wrote it the other day on her slate. She said that was what the boys called it."

"And what do they call their own things?"


"Why do they call them pricks?"

"I suppose it is because they prick our cunts."

"Would you like to have your cunt pricked?"

"Yes, I think, I would like it now, for my cunt feels so very hot."

"So it is, and mine is just the same. O May! if my cunt could be turned into a prick what fun we would have."

She then got over me, and rubbed her cunt against mine, while I held the cheeks of her bottom and pressed her in between my thighs.

"May, did you ever notice the lump between the legs of Mr. T-, the resident tutor?"

"Yes, dear, that's his prick, every man has that, though some have it larger than others."

"O yes, I know that, but have you seen it swell out when he talks to us girls, and leans over us to make us hold our pens right?"

"Perhaps he is then thinking of our cunts."

"I am sure of it, and especially of yours, for you are his favourite. If he were here now I know what he would like to do."


"Just to get on top of you, and shove his prick into your cunt, and fuck you."

I only laughed, and we soon fell asleep.

On Sunday, a short time after, having a headache, I remained at home. I was not aware that anyone was in the house, until happening to pass Mr. T-'s room, he suddenly sprang out, caught me in his arms, drew me in, and closed the door.

"Oh Mr. T-. Please let me go."

"Dearest May, let me tell you how dearly I love you." And while he half smothered me with kisses, he gently drew me towards the bed.

"No, I won't sit down - let me up - don't attempt to put your hands under my clothes."

But he forced his hand up, and I felt his eager fingers exploring all my secrets there.

"Mr. T-, take your hand - I cannot allow such liberties - let me up, or I'll scream."

"Don't, my pet, for there is no one to hear."

"Do let me up, and take your hand - oh my! how dare you lift my clothes."

He held me down, and soon, in spite of my struggles, he uncovered all my belly and thighs, and my cunt lay bare and exposed to view.

It was the first time it had been seen by man, and I felt horribly ashamed. But a peculiar sensation of pleasure quickly turned the idea of exposure into a source of delight.

His face flushed, and his eyes sparkled as he looked down, and exclaimed, "What a lovely cunt you have, May; this rising mound is covered with such a profusion of rich brown hair, and the swelling lips, how deliciously they pout, while the glowing red chink between is most luxurious and inviting. I must kiss it. Oh! how sweetly it smells."

He stooped and warmly kissed my cunt.

Then opening the lips he sucked the clitoris and pushed his tongue into the hot recess.

The touch of his mouth made my cunt thrill, and when I felt his tongue moving around the clitoris, and penetrating the sensitive folds inside, I could not help opening my thighs and raising myself a little, so as to afford him a freer access to that pleasurable spot.

When he stood up I saw that his trousers were down, and that his prick was sticking out pointed towards me, and nodding its great red head as if in proud defiance.

Holding it in his hand, he said, "Look at this poor fellow, May, he craves your kind indulgence, and only asks to hide his blushing head for a moment in this sweet nest; won't you take him in your hand?"

"O, for shame! Mr. T-. Put that horrid thing away. I won't look at it, or touch it. I won't let you put it in." And I covered my cunt with my hand. He pulled my hand away, and placing it on his prick, forced my fingers round it. It felt deliciously smooth and soft, but at the same time firm and stiff.

"Mr. T-, let me up. What do you mean?"

"I mean that I am going to fuck you May; to put my prick into your cunt and fuck you."

"I will never let you. It would harm me, and hurt me."

"No, my love, it will neither hurt you nor harm you. Let me put it in, do, my sweet pet."

He pushed the head of his prick in between the lips of my cunt, and moving it up and down the furrow, said, "There, that does not hurt you, I am sure." He then placed it at the inner opening, and with a sudden push forced it in.

"Oh! Mr. T-. Take it out. Oh! it is hurting me. You said you would not hurt me."

But he only pushed harder, then something gave away inside, and I felt the whole prick rush up into my belly. It had a startling effect at first, and almost took away my breath, but when he went on to work his tool in and out, and I felt it rubbing with a most delicious friction against the throbbing folds of my cunt, the feeling became one of overpowering delight. I twisted about and heaved to meet his thrusts.

"There, darling, now don't you like that?"

"Yes, I like it now, that's very nice."

"Now say its name."

I whispered, "Prick."

"Say it out."


"And yours?"


"And doing this?"


"Go on, say what it is you like."

"I like to feel your prick fucking my cunt."

"Oh, go on, it's just coming."

"Prick - cunt - fucking - belly - bottom."

Then, drawing his prick suddenly out of my cunt, he poured a torrent of hot seed over my belly, and up to my very breasts. After this Mr. T- and I lost no opportunity of performing the sweet rites of Venus, and he soon initiated me into all the various ways and modes of enjoyment. I found that I could fully trust him, as he was very discreet, and particularly careful to avoid doing me harm.

Susey and I too became more and more confidential. I acknowledged to her that I had been fucked, but did not name Mr. T-.

One night I prevailed on her to give me full particulars of some love scenes between her elder sister Jane and her intended, Mr. John C-.

"They used to take me out to walk with them. They generally went to a wood, where they had a favourite resting place, well sheltered among the trees. But when there they always sent me away to gather blackberries or flowers.

"I often saw him kiss her, and sometimes when no one was looking, push his hand up under her petticoats. This aroused my curiosity, and I resolved to watch them.

"So the next time when I went off with my basket, I made a circuit, and entered the wood behind them. I crept through the trees until I could both hear and see them plainly.

"He was lying on his back, his trousers all open, and a long fleshy thing with a purple head was standing up. She was stooping over it moving it up and down with her hand. Then she kissed it, and took it in her mouth and sucked it.

"'How nicely you suck my prick, Jane. Kneel up now, I want to see your beautiful bottom and cunt at the same time.'

"As she did so he threw up her clothes over her back, uncovering the two round cheeks of her bottom, and the thick lips of her cunt jutting out like a huge hairy mouth between.

'"My darling, you have a splendid backside, the sight of it would bring to life the prick of a dying man. Keep as you are, I'll fuck you this time from behind, in what is called dog fashion.'

"He then got up, and knelt between her legs, and drawing apart the white cheeks of her bottom, pushed his prick into her cunt.

"Then holding her hips, he worked his article rapidly in and out, telling her to push back her bottom to meet each thrust of his prick.

"She panted and pushed, while he grunted out, 'Do you feel it Jane? Do you feel my prick?'

"'Yes, dear John, I do feel your prick, ever so far up my cunt - that's right - drive it in hard. Fuck-fuck-fuck.'

"Then they fell together on the grass, and I ran away."

"How did your cunt feel, Susey, when you saw his prick, and watched them fucking?"

"Oh, it used to get very hot, and then I would rub it and squeeze it as hard as I could."

"Did you often see them doing it, Susey?"

"Yes, many a time, and in every kind of way. Would you believe it, I saw him once fuck her in her bottom, and she did not mind it a bit."

"Did they ever find you out, Susey?"

"They did. I'll tell you how. One day I crept up very close to them, she was standing with her back against a tree, holding up her clothes. He was kneeling between her legs kissing her cunt. He looked up and she said:

"'Well, to please you - there - watch.'

"And a stream of amber fluid spurted out with a hissing noise from between the hairy lips of her cunt. She had scarcely done before he kissed it again, and sipped up the drops that hung about the hairs.

"'Now, John, it's my turn to see you spouting.' "'Well, if you hold my prick I'll try.'

"She held it while he pissed, rubbing it all the time, as if she was milking a cow's teat, and when he had done, she kissed and sucked it.

'"Your prick is in grand order to-day. Look how stiff it is.'

"She bent it down, and let it go, when it sprang up erect as before.

"'Lie on your back, John, and I'll get over you, I know it is a way you like.'

"So he lay down, his fine prick standing up in full erection. "'Now tuck up, and turn your bottom to my face.'

"She did so, and straddling over him with her great white bum jutting out, she stuffed his prick, neck and shoulders, into her gaping cunt.

"Then she bounded up and down like a jockey riding. When she rose up I could see the prick standing up, all red and inflamed. Then heaving down, the prick rushed up into her cunt, and her bottom came flap against his belly.

"This scene excited me greatly. I envied Jane. She seemed to enjoy it so thoroughly. And not thinking what I was doing, I forced my middle finger right up my cunt, the sudden pain made me cry. 'Oh!' They started, and quickly drawing aside the branches, saw me, my clothes up, and my finger in my cunt.

"'Holloa, Susey! is that you?' cried John.

"'You wicked little minx,' said Jane, 'how dare you steal upon us in that manner?'

"I said nothing, but covering my face with my hands, began to cry.

'"Don't scold her, perhaps she could not help it. Come here, Susey, sit down and dry your tears. Now promise you will never speak of anything you may have seen.'

"I sat down, and earnestly promised all that they desired.

"John, passing his hand up under my clothes, and pinching the lips of my cunt, said: 'You have already given me a glimpse of this little nook, Susey. I want a closer and fuller view. Lean back. Open your legs. There. There. Hasn't she a nice innocent looking little cunt, Jane? I think the cunt of a young girl before the hair grows over it is particularly pleasant to look upon, and to kiss too,' he said, as he held up my bottom with his hands, and buried his face between my legs.

"I felt his whiskers brushing my thighs, and his soft tongue pushing into my cunt.

"'Yes,' replied Jane, 'you may pet and kiss Susey's little plaything as much as you like, but remember that is all.'

"'Tell me, Susey, what did you see?'

'"I saw you pushing something into Jane.'

"He drew out his prick, and putting my hand on it, asked, 'Was this what you saw?'


"'Do you know what it is called?'

"'Yes, I heard Jane call it prick.'

"'And what's this little slit?'

'"My cunt.'

"'Would you like to see the prick going into Jane's cunt again, and nicking it?'

"'Oh, yes, I would very much.'

"'Well, Jane, my love, let us have another turn before we go, my prick is awfully excited.'

"He laid her back, and opening her legs, made me look at her cunt. I had often seen it before when she was bathing, but had never looked into it until now. I was surprised at its depth and extent. He put my hand on it, and said: 'See these fine thick lips, how they swell out. That's the sort of cunt a man loves to fuck. And this deep chink, how red and hot it is. Put your fingers in.'

"Three fingers entered easily. The soft warm folds inside closed on my fingers, and seemed to suck them in.

"Just like your own cunt, May. Oh! how hot it is! and how it throbs! And mine is throbbing too. Let us have a mutual suck before I proceed with my story."

I readily agreed, for my cunt felt all in a flame. We threw off our shifts, and lay naked on the bed. She got over me, and lifting up my thighs, sucked eagerly at my cunt, and twining her arms round my hips, tickled my bottom.

My tongue was equally busy about her sweet orifice, and as she felt it penetrating the heated parts inside, she wriggled about, and pressed her bottom on my face.

We were soon partially relieved by a copious discharge from our founts of pleasure.

Susey then resumed her exciting narrative:

"John knelt between Jane's thighs, and made me direct his prick into her open cunt. I held it by the root as it passed quickly up. He told me to stir his balls and pinch his bottom.

"Meanwhile, I watched the operation with the greatest interest and delight.

"As the prick went in, the lips enclosed it with a kind of eager suction, and when it came out they seemed to follow it, as if loath to part with such a pleasant morsel.

"John put his hands under her, and raised her up. As he warmed to the work, his great muscular bottom heaved backward and forward with increasing rapidity, making his prick plunge in and out of her hot receptacle.

"'Are you pinching him, Susey? Pinch hard.'

"I pinched his bottom, and tickled the hole there with my finger.

"'Push it in, Susey, oh, that is so nice. Tell us what you see, dear.'

'"I see your bottom heaving backward and forward and your prick rushing in and out between the thick hairy lips of Jane's cunt.'

"'What else do you see, Susey?'

'"I see the bag below your prick, and feel two round things in it.'

"'Stir them, Susey. What else do you see?'

'"I see the round hole of your bottom.'

"'Move your finger inside, Susey. Oh! Oh!!' he cried, as he drove his prick with great force into her cunt, and banged his balls against her bottom, while she clasped him in her arms."

All this time Susey had been frigging my cunt with her fingers, and now she sprang on top of me, and pounded her cunt against mine, until our cunts again overflowed with love's sweet juice, and we lay back to rest.

The next time I went to Mr. T-, after the usual preliminaries of petting, sucking, &c, he said he wished to try a new mode of enjoyment which he had seen in a picture. So he first set up a large mirror before us, and then sitting on the edge of a sofa, he lifted me up backwards, and placed my bottom on his belly. Then putting his hand under my thigh, he raised my knee up to his breast. So that, in the glass, we had a most exciting view of my open cunt, and his upstanding prick nestling its rubicund head between the hairy lips.

I rested my foot on his knee, and then pressing down, watched it slowly disappearing in the pouting gap. As I rose up, the sweet instrument of pleasure again appeared, all red and shining with the moisture of my cunt, and when I pressed down it hastily returned, leaving nothing outside but the balls in close contact with the hairy lips.

Mr. T- smiled, as he saw his tool absorbed in the crimson recess of my greedy cunt, and said:

"How beautifully plump and pouting your cunt is; my sweet May. With what delicious pressure it sucks in my bounding prick, while the soft cheeks of your bottom rub sweetly against my belly. But let us not hurry, it is so pleasant to talk together while my prick is soaking in your cunt. I want you to tell me something about your friend Susey. Does she know much of these matters?"

"Indeed, she does, everything in fact."

"Do you speak out the names? Prick, &c?"

"Yes, she talks freely of pricks and cunts, and of fucking too."

"Was she ever fucked, do you think?"

"I think not, but she has often seen it done."

"How was she able to manage that?;'

I told him how she had seen her sister fucked by her intended before their marriage.

"Do you often pet each other's cunts?" "Yes, nearly every night." "How?"

"When we are stripping for bed, she often asks me to lean back; and then she kisses and pets my cunt, and I do the same for her."

"Has she a nice cunt?"

"It is a nice little cunt, much tighter than mine; the lips are very plump, and well covered with light red hair. The skin round it is white, and smooth as satin, and the inside a bright pink."

"Why, May, you have quite excited me. Would you be awfully jealous if you saw me fucking her?"

"No, I would not be such a fool."

"May, you are the dearest girl, and have the sweetest cunt in the world. But I must take out my prick now. Hold it in your hand. There - see - how it spouts."

Before leaving I consented to let him hide in my wardrobe the following evening, that he might hear and see how we got on together.

When the time came I detained Susey in the schoolroom, until I was sure that Mr. T- was safely ensconced in his hiding place. Then we went to our room, and having carefully fastened the door, commenced undressing as usual right opposite my wardrobe. I stopped her as she was putting on her nightdress, and said:

"Susey, the night is warm, let us have some sport before we go to bed. And first give me a good peep at your nice little cunt."

I stretched open her thighs, as she leaned back on the bed, that Mr. T- might have a better view.

I opened the soft pouting lips, and said:

"Your cunt is very red to-night, have you much feeling in it?"

"Yes, it is all aglow. Oh! pinch the clitoris - rub your finger - there - you may push it in if you like."

The door of the press opened a little further.

"Susey, my pet, I want to see you make water. I'll hold the pot between your legs, and you can do your pee into it."

I did so, and soon the hot piss came gurgling out. I heard a stir in the press behind me.

"Now, May, it is my turn to see you perform, and I will hold the pot for you." I spread my thighs and fired away.

"Lean back May, and let us tip cunts, for want of something better."

She got in between my thighs, and pushed hard against my cunt. Mr. T- must have had a grand view of her peach-like bottom, as she heaved it up and down.

The door of the press opened further, and I could see the head of a prick sticking out.

"Tell me, May, once again, how you felt the first time you were fucked?"

"Well, you know, he pushed me back on the bed, pulled up my clothes, and in spite of all my efforts, laid bare my cunt. Then he forced himself in between my thighs, and with his naked prick standing up. He made me take it in my hand and rub it up and down. He praised my cunt, and sucked it, which I thought very nice, though I wondered at his doing it."

"I don't," said Susey. "I love to suck your cunt, darling May, but go on, tell me more."

"He said he wanted to fuck me. I said he shouldn't, but he forced the head of his prick into the mouth of my cunt. Then giving a great heave he drove it up. It smarted me a good deal at first, but when it got in altogether, and he commenced to work it in and out, the pleasure was so great that I could not help telling him, when he asked me, that I liked his fucking very much, and that his prick felt very nice in my cunt."

Here Susey commenced bounding between my thighs. "Oh! May! how I long for a prick. How I do wish that Mr.- was here. I could almost ask him to fuck me, my cunt is so burning hot."

The press door opened, and Mr. T- stepped out perfectly naked. In a moment he was behind Susey, poking his prick against her cunt.

"Here I am then, ready and delighted to gratify each of my sweet pets."

Susey started, but when she looked back and saw Mr. T-, and felt the head of his prick in her cunt, she hid her blushing face in my neck, and resigned herself to his amorous attack.

I laughed and held her buttocks open while he drove his prick into her maiden cunt.

It did not hurt her much, as she had enlarged the opening when frigging it with her finger.

After a few strokes I asked her how she liked the feel of a prick in her cunt.

"Oh May," she replied, "why do you ask me. You know well yourself how a prick feels."

I slipped my hand between them, and felt her hot clitoris clinging to his prick, as it plunged in and out. While at every push she got behind, her belly and breasts heaved against mine.

Mr. T- was too much excited by all that he had seen and heard to be able to prolong his fuck, so he had to draw out his prick to avoid harm.

I held it in my hand, as he rubbed it in the furrow between the cheeks of her bottom, and I soon felt the emitting spasm, as it poured a stream of hot sperm over her back.

Susey seemed disappointed, however, and asked why he took it out. "Just because I would not injure you."

Then he explained how that unless the seed was injected on the mouth of the womb, which lay at the end of the passage, there was no danger of any woman being put in the family way. And though the pleasure of both parties is lessened by the withdrawal of the prick at the moment of highest enjoyment, yet a man must be a selfish brute if on that account he would run the risk of doing such a grievous wrong to any girl whom he respected and loved.

He now placed his pendant tool in Susey's hand, and said if she would pet it a little that it would soon be in working order again.

She raised it up, and regarding it with interest, drew back the soft movable skin, and uncovered its rosy head.

"Kiss it Susey," I said bending her down.

She kissed the end of his prick, as she gently worked it up and down. Then as it gradually stiffened she let its head pass into her mouth, while her roving hands wandered over his bottom and balls.

Then he laid her back that he might inspect and kiss her pretty love chink.

"Is not this soft red hair very nice?" I said, passing my hand over her swelling mound.

"Yes it is exceedingly nice and exciting," and he buried his mouth in the pouting slit, while I caressed his prick and balls.

Rising up, he presented his prick, which had now regained its former size and strength, and asked, "Which of you will take it in?"

Susey said, "Fuck May, Mr. T-. I would so like to put your prick into her cunt, and see you fuck her."

He leaned over me as I lay back on the bed, and Susey, looking up between his legs, popped his tool into my cunt, and held his balls as he pushed it up.

Then, at his request, she laid down beside me, with her thighs up, and her pretty little cunt open before him. He leaned over and kissed it, at the same time softly working his prick in and out of my cunt, and not being so hot as before, he was able to prolong the pleasant exercise. After a minute or two he stopped and said, "I must take it out now, as I feel it coming. Hold it in your hand Susey, and you will soon see what a man's seed is like."

She held it over my belly, while he pressed his balls against my cunt. And the white seed, like fluid starch, spouted in spurts from his excited tool.

"Oh! isn't it funny," she said, stooping down, and touching with her lips the tipof his prick, when a fresh spurt darted into her mouth.

"Oh! there is very little taste. Will it do me any harm in my mouth?"

"None whatever, not even if you swallowed it all, indeed, it is considered most invigorating."

He told us afterwards how greatly he enjoyed seeing us playing together, and especially doing our pee, for, he added, nothing excites a man so much as seeing a woman doing her pee, the water streaming out of her hairy chink is most suggestive of love's delights.

We spent many nights after this when we sported and fucked in every possible way. His great delight was to have one of us sucking his prick and tickling his bottom, while he sucked and frigged the cunt of the other. He loved to make us spend in his mouth, at the same time that we swallowed his seed. We let him fuck us in our bottoms too.

He said this gave him great pleasure, for our bottom-holes were smaller and tighter than our cunts. We did not like it so well, but we were so fond of him we could not refuse. Mr. T- often lent us pictures that were a great source of amusement. Among others, a set of scenes between a handsome white girl and a negro. In the first he is sitting on a chair, playing the banjo, his trousers open, and his great black tool sticking out. She has her eyes fixed on it, while she holds up her dress, and points to a most voluptuous cunt between a pair of widely extended fat thighs, as much as to say, "Look here, here is a place that will soon take the stiffness out of your prick."

In the next behold him on his knees, between her thighs, holding open the thick furry lips of her cunt, while with his tongue he licks round the clitoris, and the red chink below it, muttering, "Oh, sweet cunt! how I love to taste you, to suck you, and to fuck you."

In the next she is seen stooping forward, with the full orb of her snowy bottom naked before him. With one hand he pats those delicious prominencies. With the other he direct his prick, now larger than ever, into her cunt.

It seems to quiver with delight, as the organ of bliss penetrated its soft folds.

Now Sambo, work your active bottom; drive home you noble tool, and make this willing fair one feel the vast pleasure that can be given by the sturdy prick of the despised negro.