Mediaeval Hymns and Sequences/Audi nos, Rex Christe

Mediæval Hymns and Sequences  (1867)  edited by John Mason Neale
Audi nos, Rex Christe by Anonymous, translated by John Mason Neale

Audi nos, Rex Christe.

A song of Pilgrims, published by M. du Méril from a MS. of the eleventh century.

O Christ, our King, give ear!
O Lord and Maker, hear!
And guide our footsteps lest they stray.


Have mercy on us, Lord:
Have mercy on us, Lord,
And guide our footsteps lest they stray!

O ever Three and One,
Protect our course begun,
And lead us on our holy way!

Thy faithful guardian send,
Thy Angel, who may tend
And bring us to Thy holy seat!

Defend our onward path:
Protect from hostile wrath,
And to our land return our feet!

Thy Right Hand be stretched out,
Thy Left be round about,
In every peril that we meet!

And, O good Lord, at last,
Our many wanderings past,
Give us to see Thy realm of Light!

Glory to God on high
Be paid eternally,
And laud and majesty and might!