Memoirs of Anne C. L. Botta/Indian Summer

For works with similar titles, see Indian Summer.

           O sweet, sad autumn of the waning year,
             Though in thy bowers the roses all lie dead,
             And from thy woods the song of birds has fled,
           And winter, stern and cold, is hovering near;
           Yet from thy presence breathes a holy calm.
             The fervid heats, the lightning storms, all past,
             A tender light o'er earth and sky is cast,
           And all thy solemn voices chant a psalm.
           Oh, Indian Summer, autumn of the soul,
             That no returning Spring shall visit more,
             Though all thy rose-hued morning dreams are o'er,
           And phantoms dread stand threat'ning at the goal,
             Yet are these days dear as e'en Summer knew;
             These Sibylline leaves of life, so precious, since so few.