Memoirs of Anne C. L. Botta/To Anna

          For thee, the Sibyl in the future sees
          A lovely cottage hidden by the trees;---
          Round its white porch are trained the clustering vines;
          Beneath its roof perpetual summer shines---
          The heart's sweet summer that shall take its dyes
          From the clear sunshine of thine azure eyes.
          The nightingale shall sing thee to thy dreams;
          The lark shall wake thee with morn's earliest beams;
          The flocks and herds shall own thy gentle care;
          All living things thy kind regard shall share.
          And as thou wanderest midst the lovely scene,
          The flowers shall claim thee for their fairy queen.
          And here, where Nature wears her loveliest spell,
          Shalt thou, her fairest work, serenely dwell;
          Far from the world's "ignoble strife" and care,
          With some loved spirit "for thy minister,"
          Thy life like some fair stream shall glide away,
          And thou shalt sleep, to wake in the Eternal Day.