Memoirs of Anne C. L. Botta/To Captain West, of the Steamer Atlantic

          The gathering clouds around us lower,
             The tempest wildly raves,
          But fearlessly our noble ship
             The angry ocean braves,
          And buoyant as a sea-bird rides
             The crested mountain waves.

          The gale, the storm, the night may come,
            No fear disturbs the breast;
          Our ship is strong,---our Captain brave,---
            And we securely rest.
          Long life to him and all his Line!
            Health to the gallant West!

          Pilgrims to many lands are we,
            And now our travel o'er
          Once more beneath the Stars and Stripes
            We near our native shore;
          And since we parted from it last
            Who does not love it more?

          Adieu, new friends and old, adieu!
            May every wandering breeze
          That meets you on the Voyage of Life
            Be far less rude than these
          That our good ship has met so well
            Upon the wintry seas.