Memoirs of Anne C. L. Botta/To Juliette on her wedding day

          When our first parents were from Eden driven
             To wander exiled in this world of care,
             Hope changed to fear, and memory to despair;
          But once, to their posterity 't is given
             The vision of that blissful home to share:
             Whene'er two wedded souls as one are bound,
             Then the lost Paradise again is found;
          But trifles light as air this dream dispel,
             And drive the hapless mortals forth disowned,
          In the cold air of common life to dwell.
          To-day for thee, these dreamland gates are riven;
             Enter, and in its charmèd precincts stay
             Till thy sweet life at last shall pass away,
          And thou shalt find it is not far to Heaven.