Memoirs of Anne C. L. Botta/To Peter Cooper

          The Pyramids of Egypt, even to-day
             The wonder of the world, stupendous stand
          In their material greatness, and defy
             Alike relentless Time and Libyan sand.
          But what great thought through those grim structures smiles?
          What Aspiration reared those wondrous piles?
          None,---save that kings, forgotten long ago,
          Might leave their worthless dust to waste below.
          This Shrine thou 'st reared to Science and to Art
             A nobler Thought than Egypt dreamed contains,
          And every stone speaks of a regal heart
             Benignant as the Nile to desert plains,
          When all the arid waste it overflows,
          And the parched shores grow green, and blossom as the rose.