Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Alexander, William Lindsay

ALEXANDER, The Rev. William Lindsay, D.D., F.R.S.E., an Independent minister, was born at Edinburgh, August 21, 1808; and after a preliminary training in the High School of Leith, continued his studies at the universities of Edinburgh and St. Andrews. In 1828 he was appointed Classical Tutor in the Lancashire College, then situate at Blackburn, but subsequently removed to Manchester. He became minister of a Congregational Church in Edinburgh in 1835; Professor of Theology to the Congregationalists of Scotland in 1854; Examiner in Philosophy at St. Andrews University in 1861; and a member of the Old Testament Revision Company in 1870. Dr. Alexander's writings are— "Congregational Lecture for 1840 on the Connection and Harmony of the Old and New Testament," 2nd edit., 1853; "Anglo-Catholicism not Apostolical," 1843; "Christ and Christianity," 1854; "Life of Dr. Wardlaw," 1856; "Christian Thought and Work," 1862; "St. Paul at Athens, 1865; and the articles on "Moral Philosophy," "Scripture," and "Theology," in the eighth edition of the "Encyclopædia Britannica." He also brought out the third edition of Kitto's "Biblical Cyclopædia."