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Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Belcredi, Count Richard

BELCREDI, Count Richard, Austrian statesman, of an ancient noble family, was born Feb. 12, 1823. In March, 1861, he was appointed to an important political position in Silesia, and in 1862 was promoted to the post of governmental chief in that province. In May, 1863, he was Vice-President of the Bohemian Government, and an imperial decree of May 27, 1864, appointed him Viceroy of Bohemia, conferring upon him the dignity of a Privy Councillor. In all these capacities Count Belcredi showed himself to be possessed of considerable administrative talent and great powers of work, and it is generally admitted that during his administration in Bohemia he was upon the best possible terms with both Germans and Czechs. Count Belcredi, appointed Minister of State for Austria, and President of the Council of Ministers at Vienna, July 27, 1865, resigned in Feb. 1867.