Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Björnson, Björnstene

BJÖRNSON, Björnstene, a Norwegian novelist and dramatic poet, born at Quikne (Oesterdal), Dec. 8, 1832, first became known in consequence of some articles and stories which he contributed to newspapers, especially the "Folkeblad," an illustrated journal, in the columns of which appeared his "Aanum," "Ole Stormsen,"and "En munter Mand." The years 1856 and 1857 he passed at Copenhagen, where he studied the works of Baggesen, of Œlenschläger, and of the principal Danish writers. Afterwards he published in "Faedrelandet," his novel of "Thrond," which was followed by "Arne" and "Synnœve Solbakken." He has also produced several tragedies and other pieces for the stage. The following works of his have been translated into English:—"Arne: a Sketch of Norwegian Country Life," translated from the Norwegian, by A. Plesner and S. Rugeley Powers, 8vo, London, 1866; "Ovind: a Story of Country Life in Norway," translated by S. and E. Hjerleid, 8vo, London, 1869; "The Fisher Maiden," a Norwegian tale, translated from the author's German edition, by M. E. Niles, 8vo, New York, 1869—also translated from the Norwegian, under the title of "The Fishing Girl," by A. Plesner and F. Richardson, 8vo, London, 1870; "The Happy Boy: a Tale of Norwegian Peasant Life," translated by H.R.G., Boston, U.S., 1870; "The Newly-married Couple," translated by S. and E. Hjerleid, 8vo, London, 1870; and "Love and Life in Norway," translated from the Norwegian, by the Hon. A. Bethell and A. Plesner, 8vo, London, 1870.