Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Hervey, Eleanora Louisa

HERVEY, Eleanora Louisa, daughter of George Conway Montague, Esq., of Lackham House, Wilts, born at Liverpool in 1811, was married to the late T. K. Hervey, the poet, in 1843. At an early age she contributed poems to the annuals, and her dramatic poem, "The Landgrave," was published in 1839. This was followed at intervals by "Margaret Russell," an autobiographical sketch; "The Double Claim," a tale; "The Juvenile Calendar, or Zodiac of Flowers," a Christmas book, illustrated by Doyle; "The Pathway of the Pawn," illustrated by G. Thomas; and "The Feasts of Camelot," published in 1863. Mrs. T. K. Hervey is the authoress of numerous essays and tales in various periodicals.