Merry Wives of Windsor (1922) Yale/Appendix C


The Text of the Present Edition

The text of the present volume is, by permission of the Oxford University Press, that of the Oxford Shakespeare, edited by the late W. J. Craig, except for the following deviations:

1. In accordance with the plan of this series, the stage-directions of the First Folio have been preserved so far as possible. Modern additions to these are enclosed in square brackets, and passages of the text found only in the Quarto are similarly marked.

2. A few unimportant changes have been made in punctuation and the spelling of a few words has been normalized, as anything for any thing, Gloucester, Gloucestershire for Gloster, Glostershire, lantern for lanthorn, mussel-shell for muscle-shell, œillades for œilliades, Poins for Pointz, till for 'till, villainy, vil lainous for villany, villanous, warlike for war-like.

3. The following changes in punctuation or word ing have been made, all of them being reversions to the readings of the Folio. The readings of the present edition precede the colon and Craig's follow in each case:

I. iv. 23 Cain-coloured: cane-coloured
(Folio Caine-colourd)

II. i. 104 look where: look, where

II. ii. 20 Pickt-hatch : Picht-hatch

II. iii. 91, 92 Cried game;: Cried I aim?
(Folio Cride-game,)

III. i. 99 Gaul: Guallia
(Folio Gaule)

III. iii. 114 in Windsor: of Windsor

III. v. 69 sped: how sped

III. v. 157 one: me

IV. i. 12 let: get

IV. i. 51 Hang-hog: Hang hog

IV. i. 71 horum;: horum?

IV. i. 74 of: and

IV. ii. 22 lines: lunes

IV. ii. 139 Mistress Ford; Mistress Ford,: Mistress Ford,

IV. ii. 208 his: her

IV. v. 31 master: Master

IV. v. 55 sir: like: Sir Tike;

IV. vi. 17 scene: scare

V. iii. 11 heart-break: heart break
(Folio hearte-break)

V. v. 57 Raise: Rein

V. v. 59 as: that