Messiah (oratorio)

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Versions of
libretto by Charles Jennens; music by George Frideric Handel

"Oratorio by Handel; libretto from Holy Scriptures by Charles Jennens. Composition commenced Aug. 22, 1741; first part completed Aug. 28; second part, Sept. 6; third part Sept. 12; instrumentation, etc., filled in Sept. 14;—in all 24 days only. First performed (during Handel's sojourn in Ireland) in the Music Hall, Fishamble Street, Dublin, for the benefit of the Society for relieving Prisoners, the Charitable Infirmary, and Mercer's Hospital, April 13, 1742. [...] No musical work has had such long, continuous, and enduring popularity as the Messiah, nor has any other so materially aided the cause of charity." —"Messiah," by William H. Husk in A Dictionary of Music and Musicians, (ed.) by George Grove, London: MacMillan & Co., Ltd. (1900).

Versions of Messiah include:
Title page of Handel's autograph manuscript.

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  • "Messiah", hymn tune adapted from the aria "He Shall Feed His Flock" from the above oratorio.