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Oh, me name is Mick Maguire and I'll quickly tell to you
Of a young girl I admired called Kitty Donahue.
She was fair and fat and forty and believe me when I say
That whenever I came in at the door you could hear her mammy say.

"Johnny get up from the fire, get up and give the man a sate (seat),
Can't you see it's Mr Maguire and he's courting you sister Kate?
Ah you know very well he owns a farm a wee bit out of the town,
Arragh, get up out of that you impudent brat and let Mr Maguire sit down."

Now the first time that I met her was at the dance at Tarmagee,
And I asked her very kindly if she'd dance a step with me,
Then I asked if I could see her home, if I'd be going her way
And whenever I came in at the door you could hear her mammy say:

Ah, but now that we are married, sure her mother's changed her mind,
Just because I spent the legacy her father left behind,
She hasn't got the decency to bid me time of day,
Now whenever I come in at the door you'd here the auld one say:

"Johnny, come up to the fire, come up you're sitting in a draft,
Can't you see it's Mr Maguire, and he nearly drives me daft,
Ah, I don't know what gets into him, for he's always on the tare,
Arragh, just sit where you are and never you dare to give Mr. Maguire the chair."

This work was published before January 1, 1924, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.