Midsummer Night's Dream (1918) Yale/Appendix C


The Text of the Present Edition

The text of the present volume is, by permission of the Oxford University Press, that of the Oxford Shakespeare, edited by the late W. J. Craig, except for the following deviations:

1. The stage directions are those of the First Folio or the First Quarto, any alterations or additions being enclosed in square brackets. The indication of a second scene in the fifth act has been omitted and the lines renumbered accordingly.

2. A few minor changes in punctuation and in spelling (such as almanac for almanack, gawd for gaud, laugh for loff, and antic for antique) have been made. The spelling lanthorn has been retained only in the speeches of Moon, where it adds clearness to a jest.

3. The following alterations, all reversions to the readings of the First Quarto (save where otherwise indicated), have been made in the text, the reading of the Quarto and the present text preceding the colon, and that of Craig following it:

I. i. 69 Whether: Whe'r

191 I'll: I'd

ii. 87 an (Q. and): as

II. i. 7 moon's: moone's

69 steep (F1): steppe

78 Perigenia: Perigouna

91 Hath: Have

249 where: whereon

ii. 2 third part: third (misprint ?)

III. i. 87 of: have

160 whether: whe'r

ii. 48 the: knee

81 whether: whe'r

97 costs: cost

144 This: That (misprint ?)

171 to: with

190 bare: bear

199 sisters' vows (Q. sisters vowes): sister-vows

201 is all: is it all

204 needles: neelds

264 potion: poison

IV. i. 21 courtesy (F1): curtsy

86 Silence a while: Silence, awhile

172 as: as doth

179 a: in

V. i. 281 beams: streams