National Geographic Magazine/Volume 31/Number 2/Fraudulent solicitors


The attention of the members of the National Geographic Society is invited to the fact that we are receiving reports of the activities of many fraudulent agents who are operating in various sections of the country, representing themselves to be authorized "agents" of the National Geographic Society. We are advised that these persons solicit membership in the Society and subscription to the Magazine at a reduced price.

Many complaints have been received from persons who have paid in advance for maps and other publications of the Society which, of course, they have never received, since no knowledge of the transactions ever came to us.

The National Geographic Society has no authorized agents and employs no solicitors in the field. Therefore it is suggested that members of the Society send direct to the Society all orders, remittances, or communications of any kind.

Should you hear of any person claiming to be an authorized representative of the Society and soliciting orders, you will render a great service if you will immediately telegraph the facts to the National Geographic Society, Washington, D. C.