National Geographic Magazine/Volume 31/Number 5

May, 1917Edit

The Red Cross

Probably every member of the National Geographic Society, if not already in service, has at least one near relative or dear friend preparing cheerfully and unselfishly for the battle lines on sea and land. Those who cannot go are searching for means to help their loved ones and our beloved country. In order to assist, in their patriotic ambition to be of service, those who must stay at home, the National Geographic Magazine, by courtesy of the American Red Cross, publishes herewith the principal addresses at one of the most awakening meetings that has ever assembled in America—that of the American Red Cross War Council, held in Washington on May 24 and 25.

The meeting had been called by the President of the United States to plan means for raising immediately an immense Red Cross war fund. Every one who reads the addresses by General Pershing, Henry P. Davison, Ian Malcolm, John H. Gade, Herbert C. Hoover, Frederick Walcott, Secretary Baker, Eliot Wadsworth, and ex-President Taft will appreciate the imperative necessities of our Department of Mercy.

—Gilbert H. Grosvenor, Director and Editor.