National Labor Relations Board v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company/Dissent Douglas

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United States Supreme Court

380 U.S. 438

National Labor Relations Board  v.  Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

 Argued: Jan. 21, 1965. --- Decided: April 5, 1965

Mr. Justice DOUGLAS, dissenting.

A reading of the Court's opinion reveals the fallacies on which the Board proceeded. The employer sought review of the Board's order, asking that it be set aside. Concededly it should be. But we need not act as amicus for the Board, telling it what to do. The Board is powerful and resourceful and can start over again should it wish. How stale this record may be we do not know. Neither of the parties asks for a remand. They are willing to stand or fall on the present record; and we should resolve the controversy in that posture.



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