New Berlin Gazette/Edmeston hotels

New Berlin Gazette  (1883) 
Edmeston hotels

Appeared Jan. 23, 1883, about the owners of the two Edmeston hotels up to 1883

Text Annotations
Benjamin Peet, a man of renown,

Built and run the first hotel in town;
Then Levi Goodsell bought the same,
He closed it up and sold him out,
Lost all he paid, I have no doubt.

This first hotel was the Pleasant Street Hotel, built around 1800 on East Street where the current fire house is. High Street was the northern way out of town at that time. Bootman's Store was across from the hotel.

W. Burlingham run it one year,
Then Benjamin Arnold’s records appear.
I think I am right, but have not the dates,

And then to Aunt Sarah Smith it was sold,
She married Dan H. and she had the gold.
A great many years it was run in his name,
At last had to rent because he was lame.

Uncle John Gaskin run it a spell,
And E.G. Waldo, how long I can’t tell.
It once was rented to Esq. Styles Gray,
And Morgan to Nelson, how long I won’t say.

It was run by Vandenburg, the miller,
And then was sold to Dr. Wheeler.
Was kept some time by his son John,
Then Adams bought it when he was gone,

By 1890, the hotel was known as the Brady house. It had many different owners, and at one time was the center of hamlet life.

And then John Davis was mine "host",
He kept it until he leaf the coast;
It next was taken by Deloss,
And he believes he is the boss.

It now is sold to T. R. Barrett,
I understand he will repair it,
He rented it to Hoffman next,
I do not mean the Governor EX.

A man by name of S. H. Preston,
Built under the hill to learn us a lesson,
That two hotels was better than one,
And kept it himself when it was done.

This was the second hotel in town. Preston bought the land from Adin Deming, the first settler in the area. He built the hotel sometime between 1840 and 1843 at the location of the current Bank/Post Office building

He run it quite a spell;
But afterwards desired to sell.

Then Lovett Hoag bought the stand,
And opened it up to try his hand.
Of course he kept a number one,
Then rented to Walter, his son.

Did not exceed his father a bit,
Then E. G. Waldo hired it,
He run it some years then left it off,
It was then rented to Risedorf.

In the time when things looked blue,
It was rented to Donahue.
I think that Waldo had it again,
And run it and sold it to Chamberlain,

I forgot to mention P. E. Kenyon,
Remembered by all in this dominion,
Then Chamberlain built over the whole,
And sold it to Mr. Cole.

Cole run it for a term of years;
But did not make much it appears.
He sold it to Hatheway & Co.,
The price he got I do not know.

Then Barton bought and owned it through,
Until the Spring of eighty-two,

It was then sold to Arthur Wells,
I need not tell of anything else.
Except to stop all further asking,
It now belongs to John S. Gaskin.

Gaskin, from New Berlin, New York was the owner in 1883.

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