New York Herald/1863/The Wounded

The Wounded (1863)

Charles Frederick Webber (1825-1863), and others, in the New York Herald on July 6, 1863. The entire issue was devoted to details of the Battle of Gettysburg.

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The Wounded. In the hospital, while taking the names of the Brooklyn Fourteenth boys who were wounded, I chanced upon two who brightened up when they found I wanted their names for the Herald, and said they "used to type" on that paper. Charles F. Webber was standing in front of the hospital, holding his hand, from which the ends of all four of the fingers had been shot, smoking his pipe with the most provoking nonchalance. I asked him why he did not go in and have his wounds dressed. He guessed there was enough in there worse than him to keep Dr. Farley busy. "The hooks have got to come off and I can wait. They are nothing but sore fingers." I went in, and sure enough there was Surgeon Farley cutting off the leg of James Woodward, of Company C. There were over fifty of the Fourteenth boys there wounded, many of whom fell into the hands of the enemy when we left the town.

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