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Thomas Nelson,

A NATIVE of England. Born July 16, 1814. His father was a builder and contractor, and for many years held a responsible position in connection with the powder mills of Harvey & Co. Emigrated to Sydney, New South Wales, in 1839, and after entering into business there as a bread and biscuit baker, came to South Australia, landing here in April, 1840. Like most other early colonists, he had to contend with many ups and downs, but was fairly successful, and in the evening of his days is still resident near Adelaide, and impressed with a belief in the prosperous future in store for this, the land of his adoption. Mr. Nelson has reared a large family in a respectable manner, and contributed in no small degree to the population of South Australia, his grandchildren numbering no less than forty-six. With such colonists as this, immigration from the old country might almost be discontinued, and a grant of land be given by the Grown to each of their descendants.