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Notes and Queries/Series 2/Volume 8/Lennard Family

Lennard Family. — The following extracts from the earliest register of Sevenoaks parish, relative to this eminent family, may be acceptable to one of your readers: —


1577. May 23. Bapt. Thomas, son of Samson Lennard, Esq.
1578. Sept. 25. Margaret, dau. of S. L., Esq.
1580. June 8. Elizabeth, dau. of S. L., Esq.
1581. Nov. 26. Elizabeth, dau. of S. L., Esq.
1583. July 28. Frances, dau. of S. L., Esq.
1584. Oct. 11. John, son of S. L. Esq.
1594. Oct. 27. Margaret, dau. of Henry Lennard, Esq.
1597. Dec. 27. Ffynes, son of Henrv Lennard, Knt.
1598. Jan. 21. Philadelphia, dau. of Hen. L., Knt.


1579. Dec. 27. Guildford Walsingham, Esq., to Mary Lennard.
1587. Aug. 23. Thomas Greshame, Esq., to Mary Walsingham, widow.
1589. Sep. 30. Frances Querst, Esq., to Eliz. Lennard.
1591. May 25. Herbert Morley, Esq., to Anne Lennard, Gen.
1592. May 24. Marmaduke Dorrell, Esq., to Anne Lennard, Gen.
1593. Sep. 6. Thomas Waller, Esq., to Margt Lennard, Gen.
1594. Apr. 2. Ralf Bosvile, Esq., to Mary Lennard.
1598. Jan. 3. Francis Barnam, Esq., to Elizabeth Lennard.
1601. May 12. Robert Moore, Esq., to Ffrances Lennard, Gen.


1575. Oct. 10. John, son of Sampson Lennard, Esq.
1581. Oct. 20. Eliaabeth, dau. of Sampson Lennard."

Besides the above are numerous entries relating to the Sydneys, Nevills, Walsinghams, Bosvilles, Wallers, and other important families.

C. J. Robinson