Nought loves another as itself

For works with similar titles, see A Little Boy Lost.
Notebook 35. Nought loves another as itself
by William Blake
Notebook 35 - Nought loves another as itself

 * * *

"Nought loves another as itself,
"Nor venerates another so,
"Nor is it possible to Thought
"A greater than itself to know:

"[Then del.] And father [I cannot del.] how can I love you
"[Nor del.] Or any of my brothers more?
"I love [myself, so does the bird del.] you like the little bird
"That picks up crumbs around the door."

The Priest sat by and heard the child.
In trembling zeal he seiz'd his hair:
[The mother follow'd, weeping loud:
"O, that I such a fiend should bear." del.]
[Then del.] He led him by his little coat
And all admir'd his priestly care.

And standing on the altar high:
"Lo, what a fiend is here!" said he,
"One who sets reason up for judge
"Of our most holy mystery."

The weeping child could not be heard;
The weeping parents wept in vain.
[They bound his little ivory limbs
In a cruel Iron chain. del.]
[[And del.] They strip'd him to his little shirt
& bound him in an iron chain.

[They del.] And burn'd him in a holy [fire del.] place,
Where many had been burn'd before.
The weeping parents wept in vain.
Are such things [are del.] done on Albion's shore?

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.