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Englishe-dogges-bullet.pngAn Alphabeticall Index, declaring the whole discourse of this abridgement. The number importeth the Page.

A Bridgement of Doggs. 1
Abstinence from lost goods 27
Aelianus his opinion of bloodhoundes. 6
Aelianus and Aelius opinion of the beauer. 19
Alfredus maintained iustice. 27
An example of rebellion, and the reward of the same. 26
An example of loue in a dogge. 31
Arcadian dogge. 36
Bandogges bayte the beare and the bull. 25
Blondus opinion of a dogge. 30
Blooddy and butcherlye curres. 32
Beauer called a water dogge. 19
Beauer wherein hee is like a dogge. 19
Beasts preuented of succor. 5
Bloodhoundes howe they are knowne. 5
Bloodhoundes conditions in hūting. ibidem
Bloodhounds whence they borrowe their names. ibid.
Bloodhoundes pursue without wearinesse. 6
Bloodhoundes discerne theeues from true men. 6
Bloodhoundes hunte by water and by land. ibid.
Bloodhoundes whue they cease from hunting. ibidem
Bloodhoundes why they are kept close in the day, and let lose in the night. ibide.
Bloodhoundes haue not libertye always in raunge at wyll. 7
Bloodhoundes are their maisters guides. ibid.
Borders of England pestred with pylferers. ibidem
Bloodhoundes why they are vsed in England and Scotland. ibi.
Bloodhoundes take not the water naturally. ibidem
Bloodhoundes called Brache in Scottishe. ibidem
Bloodhoundes whue they barck. 8
Butchers dogge. 26
Butchers dogge why so called. ibide.
Caius booke of dogges twyse written. 1
Conny is not hunted. 4
Connye caught with the ferryt. ibidem
Conny taken with the net. ibi.
Cotinuaunce of tyme breedeth cunning. 8
Castle of Flint. 10
Cunnies preuented of succor. 11
Callunachus. 20
Comforters called Meliteus. ibid.
Cōforters proportion described. ibide.
Comforters condicions declared. ibidem
Comforters to what ende they serue. ibidem
Comforters the pretier, the pleasaunter. 21
Comforters companions of ydle dames. ibidem
Comforters why they are so much estemed among gentlefolkes. ibidem
Comforters, what vertue is in them. ibide.
Conditions natural, som secrete, some manifest. ibide.
Comforters called by sundrye names. ibide.
Cicero pro S. Ross. 26
Countrey cotages annoyed with theeues. ibidem
Capitolium kept dogges at the common charge. ibide.
Carrier why he is so called. 18
Carrier seruice and properties. ibidem
Comesparcke, a perillous place. 30
Cōmendation of the mastiue. 32
Dogges for hunting two kindes generally. 2
Diuerse dogges diuerse vses. 4
Deceipt is the instrument of the Tumbler. 12
Dogges for the faulcon, the phesaunt and the partridge. 15
Dogs are household seruants. 16
Ducks deceaue both dogge and maister. 17
Ducks subtyle of nature. ibi.
Ducks dissēble weaknesse. ibi.
Ducks prudent and prouident. ibidem
Ducks regarde them selues and their broode. ibid.
Dogges of a course kind. ibi.
Dissembling theeues. 27
Dissembling dogges. 30
Defending dogges stick to their maisters to the death. ibide.
Defending dogges greedy of reuengement. ibidem
Diuersitie of mastiues. 32
Daungerous dogges. ibid.
Daunsers qualities. 35
Daunsers begge for their meate. ibidem
Daunsers vsed for lucre and gaine. ibid.
Dogges wonderfullye ingendred. ibidem.
England is not without Scottish dogges. 2
Election in a gase hound. 8
England and VVales are cleare from wolues. 24
Edgar what tyme King of England. ibidem
Epirus a countrey in Græcia. 28
Foxe hunted by the gasehound. 8
Flight preuenteth peryl. 9
Froisart historiographer. 10
Flint Castle. ibide.
French dogges how their skins be speckled. 15
Fisher dogge none in Englande. 18
Fisher dogge, doubtfull if there be any such. ibidem
Faulcon and an Eagle fight. 26
Faulcon killed for fighting with an Eagle. ibid.
Fire betraied by a dogge. 30
Fire raked vp by a dogge. 31
Farmers keepe dogges. ibid.
Fearful dogges barcke sorest. 32
Foxes kept for sundrye causes. 30
Foxes holsome in houses. ibid.
Gesner desirous of knowledge. 1
Gesner eanest in experimentes. ibi.
Gasehound whence he hath his name. 9
Gasehoundes vsed in the North. ibidem
Gasehound sometimes loseth his ways. ibidem
Grehound light footed. ibid.
Grehounds special seruice. ibi.
Greyhoundes strong and swifte. ibidem
Grehounds game. 10
Grehounds spare of body. ibi.
Grehounds nature wonderfull. ibid.
Grehounds of King Richarde. ibid.
Gentle dogge. 14
Gratius Poet his opinion. 37
Getulian dogge. 38
Hunting wherein it consisteth. 2
Hunting and fowleing doo differ. 3
Hunting dogges, fiue speciall kinds. ibid.
Harryer excelleth in smelling. ibidem
Harryer how he is known. ibi.
Hare hunted by the gasehound. 8
Henry Duke of Lancaster. 10
Hole of the Conny their hauen of health. 11
Hare daunsing in measure. 16
Hare beating and thumping a dogge. ibidem
Heare a hinderaunce to the water Spaniell in swymming. 17
Heare an unprofitable burthen. ibid.
Hector Bœthus. 18
Henry the seuenth. 26
Henries commaundment to hang all bandogges. ibid.
Henries faulconer, and his Faulcon. ibi.
Hippocrates. 38
Iustice maintained by Alfred. 27
Ingulphus Croyladensis historiographer. 28
Ianus watching. 31
Indian dogges. 27
Iseland curres, rough and rugged. ibid.
Iseland curres much sette by. ibidem
King Richard of England. 10
King Edgars trybute out of VVales. 23
King Henrie the seuenth. 26
King of all beasts, the Lyon. ibi.
King of all Birds, the Eagle. ibi.
Keepers seruice. 38
Kingston, or Kingstoune verye famous in olde time. 26
Kinges crowned at Kingstoune, to the number of eyght, theyr names are these, Edward the first, Athelstan, Edmunde, Aldred, Edwin, Edgar, Edelred, Edwarde, syrnamed Yron rykkes. ibid.
Leuiner quicke of smelling, and swyfte of running. 10
Leuiner, why so called. ibi.
Leuiner foloweth the game eagerly. ibi.
Leuiner taketh his pray speedilie. ibid.
Lyon King of all beasts. 26
Lust of the flesh reconcileth enemies. 38
Maisters becke a direction to the gasehound. 9
Melita or Malta. 20
Mastiues proportiō described. 38
Mastiue, why he is called Villaticus. ibi.
Mastiues vse and seruice. ibi.
Mastiues are mankind. ibi.
Mastiues of great mighte. 26
Molossia. 38
Mooner, why so termed. 20
Mooner watchfull. ibi.
Mungrellesi. 24
Maiterless men carrie Apes about. 35
Man in the moone. 37
Nature hath made some dogges for hunting. 4
Naturall properties of the water spaniel. 16
No VVolues in Englande nor VVales. 24
No place free from theeues. 27
Nothing escapeth the spoiler. 28
Nonius bau wau. 28
Names of the mastiue. 33
Names of the spaniell gentle. 22
Names of Dogges whence they were deriued. 39, 40, 41, 42, &c.
One dogge hunteth diuerse beastes. 33
Owners fo bloudhoundes howe they vse them. 33
Order of the Tumbler in hunting. 33
Of the Cumaneasse. 33
Of brasen shanckt Thales. 33
Otter. 33
Properties of a bloudhound issuing from desire. 7
Proportion and making of the water spaniel. 17
Pupine a byrd and a fyshe. 19
Princes pallace pestered with theeues. 16
Paris in Fraunce. 30
Rome maintained dogges. 28
Rare toyes meete for Englishemen. 37
Smelling is not incident to the gasehound. 8
Spaniels of a gentle kinde. 14
Spaniels two sortes. ibide.
Spaniel of the lande what properties. ibidem
Spaniel for the hauke and the nette. ibide.
Spaniels some haue speciall names. ibide.
Spaniel a name vniuersall. 15
Spaniels the colour of their skinnes. ibidem
Setters make no noyse, or very litle, in their game. ibidem
Setters giue attendaunce. ibide.
Setters behauior. ibide.
Setter whence he hath his name. 16
Seacalfe not numbred amonge Englishe dogges. 19
Sea calfe called a dogge fish. ibi.
Seele or sea veale. ibidem
Spaniell gentle or the comforter. 39
Shepherdes dogge, 23. The necessity of their seruice, ibi. The proportion of them. ibidem
Shepherdes what benefitte they reape by their dogges. 24
Sheepherdes in what countryes they go before their sheepe. ibidem
Sheepe howe they flocke at the sheepherds whistle. ibid.
Sheepherds Dogge choose and take. ibid.
Salacones vaineglorious. 27
Terrars hunt the badger and the Foxe. 4
Terrars hunt as ferryts hunt,. ibi.
Terrars conditions. ibid
Terrars holde fast with theyr teeth. 5
Tumblers crafty and fraudulent. 11
Tumblers why so named, ibid. their trade in hūting, ibi, their dissembling of friendship, ibi, they hunt against the wind 12
Theeuish dogges. ibidem
Theeuish Dogge, a night curre, ibidem
Theeues feare no law, 27. Some steale for neede, ibid. Some to maintaine brauery. ibi.
Tynckers curres beare burthens, 29, their conditions, ibi, they loue their masters. ibid.
Two suiters to one woman, 30
Turnespet painefull in the kytchen. 24
Thales with the brasen feete. 37
Vertue of the comforter. 21
Valentines law for vagabundes. 37
Virgils vearse. 31
VVatchwordes make Dogges perfect in game 8
VVonder of a Hare or Leuerit, 16
VVater spaniell called the finder, ibidem
VVater spaniels what properties. ibidem
VVater spaniels their proportion, 17, howe they be described by D. Caius. ibidem
VVhy so called. ibidem
VVhere their game lyeth and what it is. ibidem
VVhy they are called finders, ibidem
VVanton women wanton puppies. 20
VVolues bloudsucking beastes, 23, none England nor wales, ibidem, three hundred payde yearely to Prince Edgar. ibid.
VVarner what seruice he doth. 34
VVappes vnprofitable dogges. ibidem
Young dogges barcke much. 8
Yolping and yelling in a bandogge. 31
Yll kinde whelpes not regarded. 32

The ende of the Index.