Old woman clothed in Gray/I Would if I Was Not So Young

Old woman clothed in Gray  (1825) 
I Would if I Was Not So Young


In my holiday gown, and my new fashion’d hat,
last monday I went to the fair,
I held up my head, and I'll tell you for what,
young Roger I guess'd would be there:
He woo’s me to marry, whenever we meet'
there's honey sure dwells on his tongue,
He hugs me so close, and kisses so sweet,
that I would I would, I would if I was not so young.

Pert sue I’ll assure you got hold of my Boy,
the Vixen would fain be his bride;
A token she'd hove either ribband or toy,
and swore that she'd not be deny’d.
A top knot he bought me and garters of green,
the wench was confounded and stung;
I hate her so much, that with anger and spleen,
That I wou'd, I wou'd, I would, etc.

He whisper’d such pretty soft things in my ear,
he promis’d he flatter’d he swore.
Such trinket she bought me, such ribbands & gear
that trust me my pockets run o'er:
Some ballads he bought me the best he could find
and sweetly the burthen he sung;
Faith he’s so witty so handsome and kind,
that I would, I wou’d I wou'd, etc.

The sun was just setting, 'twas time to retire,
our cottage was distant a mile,
I turn’d to be gone, Roger bow'd like a 'squire,
and handed me over the stile
His arms he threw round me, love laughed in his eye
he led me the meadow along,
He hugg'd me close that I own'd with a sigh,
that I wou'd; that I wou'd, I wou'd, etc.


This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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