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Omaha World Herald/1937/Flier Returns from Spain

Eddie August Schneider January 15, 1937 Associated Press.png

Flier Returns from Spain. Asserts He Enlisted with N. Y. Lawyer. New York City, New York; January 15, 1937 (Associated Press) Back from a month of dropping bombs on behalf of the Spanish loyalist government, Eddie Schneider, Jersey City, New Jersey, aviator, said Friday he was signed up by a New York lawyer to serve in the Spanish war at $1,500 a month. Assistant United States Attorney John F. Dailey, Jr., announced he would seek indictments from the federal grand jury next week against several New Yorkers in connection with the enlistment of American aviators for Spanish service. Schneider said the lawyer negotiated with him for his services and handed him his steamship ticket for transportation to Spain. The flier said he quit to comply with President Roosevelt's neutrality policy and that the Spanish embassy in Paris advanced him his fare home pending payment of salary. Schneider said he participated in daily bombing raids in Spain for three weeks. Dailey said it was unlikely the grand jury would hear testimony from Bert Acosta and Major Gordon Berry, freelance fliers, who returned yesterday from Spain, but that agencies hiring Americans for Spanish service would be prosecuted "to the limit."

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