On the cultivation of the plants belonging to the natural order of Proteeae/Aulax

Sect. 1. Flores dioici.

Aulax. Berg.

Flores in Spicis terminalibus, plus minus corymbosis. Bractea 1 inter singulos; fæmineorum exterioribus multifidis, Involucrum mentientibus. Pericarpium nuciforme. Stylus persistens. Frutices follis integris. Flowers in terminal Spikes, more or less equal in height. A single Bracte to each; outer ones of females multifid, like a Fence. Pericarpium like a Nut. Styles persistent. Shrubs with entire leaves.
The genus was named by Professor Bergius, from the Greek word αυλαξ, on account of the furrow, in which the anthers are placed.


1. A. foliis linearibus.

Mas. Protea pinifolia. Kenn, in Bot. Rep. n. 76. cum Ic. Protea pinifolia. Thunb. Diss. n. 20. Protea linifolia. Linn. Matit.p. 187. Leucadendron pinifolium. Linn. Mant.p. 36. A. pinifolia. Berg. Pl. Cap. p. 33. Pini foliis planta, &c. Burm. Pl. Afr. p. 193. t. 70. f.3Fœm. Protea bracteata. Thun. Diss. n. 24. t. 1. f. 2. Protea bracteata. Linn. Suppl. p. 134. Lepidocarpodendron foliis, &c. Boerh. Hort. Lugdb. 2. p. 193. cum Ic— Pine-leaved Aulax.

Found wild on the Stellenbosch mountains and in Zwellendam, by Mr. J. Niven: on the mountains near Platte Kloof, by Sir C. P. Thunberg, where it fiowers from December to February, but in this country about August. It requires a great deal of pure sand mixed with loam, being impatient of much wet, neither do cuttings strike root easily. Leaves linear.


2. A. foliis anguste spatulatis.

Mas. Protea aulacea. Thunb. Diss. n. 33. t. 2. f. 2—Fœm. Protea umbellata. Kenn. in Bot. Rep. n. S48. cum Ic. Protea umbellata. Thunb. Diss. n. 24—Widow Wail-leaved Aulax.

Introduced into our gardens, so long ago as the year 1774, from the mountains near Platte Kloof. It flowers here in August, being hardier and more easily propagated by cuttings than the other species. Mr. Kennedy, in the Botanist's Repository, justly remarks how improper it is to describe a close head of flowers, an Umbel, and as this shrub is already known in many collections, by the name of Widow Wail-leaved Aulax, I have ventured to call it Cneorifolia. Leaves narrowly spatulated.