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Once a Week (magazine)/Series 1/Volume 3/Kindling the Need Fire

Page:ONCE A WEEK JUL TO DEC 1860.pdf/245 a sheltering pair of hands roars and rages among the tree-logs of the camp fire, round which a whole tribe finds warmth through the longest night.

Some practice is required to produce fire in this way; but every child can do it where the method is in constant use. When the materials are in a favourable state, five minutes will suffice to obtain the flame. In rude places, where cart wheels are mere wooden disks set upon wooden axletrees, the driver knows too well how soon fire is produced, on any quickening of the pace. Steady continuous friction will kindle dry wood in a longer or shorter time, under any circumstances; but the shortest seems to be by the rapid twirling of a sharpened stick in a hole which just contains it, with room to turn freely.

The Author of "The Months."