Once a Week (magazine)/Series 1/Volume 5/Our secret drawer

The illustration is credited to the unidentified artist "Miss Wells."


Our secret drawer - Wells.png

There is a secret drawer in every heart,
Wherein we lay our treasures one by one;
Each dear remembrance of the buried past;
⁠Each cherished relic of the time that’s gone;

The old delights of childhood long ago;
⁠The things we loved, because we knew them best;
The first discovered primrose in our path;
⁠The cuckoo’s earliest note; the robin’s nest;

The merry hay-makings around our home;
⁠Our rambles in the summer woods and lanes;
The story told beside the winter fire,
⁠While the wind moaned across the window panes;

The golden dreams we dreamt in after years;
⁠Those magic visions of our young romance;
The sunny nooks, the fountains and the flowers,
⁠Gilding the fairy landscape of our trance;

The link which bound us later still to one
⁠Who fills a corner in our life to-day,
Without whose love we dare not dream how dark
⁠The rest would seem, if it were gone away;

The song that thrill’d our souls with very joy;
⁠The gentle word that unexpected came;
The gift we prized, because the thought was kind;
⁠The thousand, thousand things that have no name.

All these in some far hidden corner lie,
⁠Within the mystery of that secret drawer,
Whose magic springs, though stranger hands may touch,
⁠Yet none may gaze upon its guarded store.

Isabella Law.