Once a Week (magazine)/Series 1/Volume 9/"My Emma and Cupid"


My Emma and Cupid.png

No earthly love my path shall cross,”
Romantic Emma cries; “Love’s dross,
And hearts are foolish empty toys,
For moon-struck maids and sillier boys.
No! happy in my single state,
I’ll live and die without a mate.”

Sly Cupid heard the fair maid’s vow,
And, chuckling, drew his amber bow,
Then whispered in mine ear, “My friend,
Fear not, this whim will find its end;
Fair Emma is not what she seems,
And when a young maid vows, she dreams.

I swear by these unerring darts,
I can read maidens’ inmost hearts;
And what is true of A. B. C.
(Not to say anything of D.)
Can scarce be false of E. F. G.
Trust me, your Emma means but this,—
Should some fond lover steal a kiss,
Standing upon her left or right,
She’ll not let slip the lucky wight,
But do her best to hold him tight.

Ralph de Peverel.