Order 2: Dissolution of Entities with Annex A


Pursuant to my authority as Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA),
relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions, including Resolution 1483 (2003), and the
laws and usages of war,

Reconfirming all of the provisions of General Franks’ Freedom Message to the Iraqi
People of April 16, 2003,

Recognizing that the prior Iraqi regime used certain government entities to oppress the
Iraqi people and as instruments of torture, repression and corruption,

Reaffirming the Instructions to the Citizens of Iraq regarding Ministry of Youth and Sport
of May 8, 2003,

I hereby promulgate the following:

Section 1
Dissolved Entities

The entities (the “Dissolved Entities”) listed in the attached Annex are hereby
dissolved. Additional entities may be added to this list in the future.

Section 2
Assets and Financial Obligations

1) All assets, including records and data, in whatever from maintained and wherever
located, of the Dissolved Entities shall be held by the Administrator of the CPA
(“the Administrator”) on behalf of and for the benefit of the Iraqi people and shall
be used to assist the Iraqi people and to support the recovery of Iraq.

2) All financial obligations of the Dissolved Entities are suspended. The
Administrator of the CPA will establish procedures whereby persons claiming to
be the beneficiaries of such obligations may apply for payment.

3) Persons in possession of assets of the Dissolved Entities shall preserve those
assets, promptly inform local Coalition authorities, and immediately turn them
over, as directed by those authorities. Continued possession, transfer, sale, use,
conversion, or concealment of such assets following the date of this Order is
prohibited and may be punished.

CPA/ORD/23 May 2003/02

Section 3
Employees and Service Members

1) Any military or other rank, title, or status granted to a former employee or
functionary of a Dissolved Entity by the former Regime is hereby cancelled.

2) All conscripts are released from their service obligations. Conscriptions is
suspended indefinitely, subject to decisions by future Iraq governments
concerning whether a free Iraq should have conscription.

3) Any person employed by a Dissolved Entity in any form or capacity, is dismissed
effective as of April 16, 2003. Any person employed by a Dissolved Entity, in
any from or capacity remains accountable for acts committed during such

4) A termination payment in an amount to be determined by the Administrator will
be paid to employees so dismissed, except those who are Senior Party Members
as defined in the Administrator’s May 16, 2003 Order of the Coalition Provisional
Authority De-Ba`athification of Iraqi Society, CPA/ORD/2003/01 (“Senior Party
Members”) (See Section 3.6).

5) Pensions being paid by, or on account of service to, a Dissolved Entity before
April 16, 2003 will continue to be paid, including to war widows and disabled
veterans, provided that no pension payments will be made to any person who is a
Senior Party Member (see Section 3.6) and that the power is reserved to the
Administrator and to future Iraqi governments to revoke or reduce pensions as a
penalty for past or future illegal conduct or to modify pension arrangements to
eliminate improper privileges granted by the Ba`athist regime or for similar

6) Notwithstanding any provision of this Order, or any other Order, law, or
regulation, and consistent with the Administrator’s May 16, 2003 Order of the
Coalition Provisional Authority De-Ba`athification of Iraqi Society,
CPA/ORD/2003/01, no payment, including a termination or pension payment,
will be made to any person who is or was a Senior Party Member. Any personholding the rank under the former regime of Colonel or above, or its equivalent,
will be deemed a Senior Party Member, provided that such persons may seek,
under procedures to be prescribed, to establish to the satisfaction of the
Administrator, that they were not a Senior Party Member.

CPA/ORD/23 May 2003/02


Institutions dissolved by the Order referenced (the “Dissolved Entities”) are:

The Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Information

The Ministry of State for Military Affairs

The Iraqi Intelligence Service

The National Security Bureau

The Directorate of National Security (Amn al-‘Am)

The Special Security Organization

 All entities affiliated with or comprising Saddam Hussein’s bodyguards to include:

 -Murafaqin (Companions)

 -Himaya al Khasa (Special Guard)

The following military organizations:

-The Army, Air Force, Navy, the Air Defence Force, and other regular

military services

 -The Republican Guard

-The Special Republican Guard

-The Directorate of Military Intelligence

 -The Al Quds Force

-Emergency Forces (Quwat al Tawari)

 The following paramilitaries:

 -Saddam Fedayeen

 -Ba`ath Party Militia

 -Friends of Saddam

 -Saddam’s Lion Cubs (Ashbal Saddam)

 Other Organizations:

 -The Presidential Diwan

-The Presidential Secretariat
-The Revolutionary Command Council
CPA/ORD/23 May 2003/02

 -The National Assembly

-The Youth Organization (al-Futuwah)

 -National Olympic Committee

-Revolutionary, Special and National Security Courts

All organizations subordinate to the Dissolved Entities are also dissolved.

Additional organizations may be added to this list in the future.

CPA/ORD/23 May 2003/02

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States federal government (see 17 U.S.C. 105).