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Number 1 (March)Edit

  • Pacific University. by Henry L. Bates
  • Spain and England's Quarrel over the Oregon Country. by F. G. Young
  • The Log of the Princesa by Estevan Martinez. by Herbert Ingram Priestley
  • "Documentary": The Letters of the Rev. William M. Roberts, Third Superintendent of the Oregon Mission. ed. by Robert Moulton Gatke

Number 2 (June)Edit

Number 3 (September)Edit

Number 4 (December)Edit

  • Oregon-Its Meaning, Origin and Application. by John E. Rees
  • The Early Explorations and the Origin of the Name of the Oregon Country. by William H. Galvani
  • The Strange Case of Jonathan Carver and the Name Oregon. by T. C. Elliott