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Volume 23, No. 1 (Mar. 1922)Edit

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edited by Frederic George Young

  • The Adoption of the Reservation Policy in Pacific Northwest, 1853-1855. by C. F. Coan
  • The History of the Oregon Mission Press. by Howard Malcolm Ballou
  • Jonathan Carver's Source for the Name Oregon. by T. C. Elliott
  • The First Indian School of the Pacific Northwest. by Robert Moulton Gatke
  • "Review" [1]--rep. from AHR. by Joseph Schafer

Volume 23, No. 2 (June 1922)Edit

  • The Origin of the Prehistoric Mounds of Oregon. by George William Wright
  • The History of the Oregon Mission Press--II. by Howard Malcolm Ballou
  • "Documentary": The Case of Robin Holmes vs. Nathaniel Ford, ed. by Fred Lockley
  • Mining Laws of Jackson County, 1860-1876. by intro. and notes by Verne Blue
  • Letters of the Rev. William M. Roberts--III. ed. by R. M. Gatke

Volume 23, No. 3 (Sept. 1922)Edit

  • The Oregon Question--1818-1828. by Verne Blue
  • Education in the Oregon Constitutional Convention of 1857. by Ira W. Lewis
  • "Documentary": The Mission Record Book of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Willamette Station, Oregon Territory, North America, Commenced 1834. by intro. by Charles Henry Carey
  • "Letters"
  • An Account of the First Attempt at Exploration of the "Oregon Caves". by Wm. W. Fidler
  • History of the Discovery of the Marble Halls of Oregon. by E. J. Davidson

Volume 23, No. 4 (Dec. 1922)Edit

  • John Kendrick and His Sons. by F. W. Howay
  • "Documentary": Methodist Annual Reports, Willamette Mission. by intro. by Charles Henry Carey
  • "Documentary": Letters of Dr. John McLoughlin. by intro. by T. C. Elliott
  • "Index"