Oriental Scenery/Part 3/Plate 14

No. XIV.


The fort of Ousoor in the Mysore country, is built on tolerably even ground, though considerably elevated. The town is surrounded by an almost impenetrable hedge; the outer works of the fort are constructed much in the European manner, and were undergoing such repairs and additions as would have made it a very strong place, when it was taken without much resistance by Major Gowdie in July, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two, during the third campaign of Earl Comwallis.[1] This view was drawn from an eminence south of the fort.

Ousoor is about twenty miles distant from Bangalore.

Oriental Scenery Part 3 Fig 14.jpg
Ousoor, in the Mysore.

  1. Vide Major Dirom's Narrative of the Campaign in India.