Oriental Scenery/Part 3/Plate 3



Loll Bhaug is the name given to a garden made by Nawaub Sujah ul Dowla. The gate is elegantly designed, and highly enriched with ornaments: its principal apartment is over the entrance, to which are attached two balconies; the roof is flat and terraced. The surrounding wall is of stone stuccoed, and at the angles are pavilions of an octagonal form. This garden is at a considerable distance from the palace, a circumstance not unusual with the opulent of India; places of this description, which may be truly called pleasure gardens, are generally large, intersected by straight paved walks, bordered with shrubs and flowers, and contain a variety of the most delicate fruits; they are embellished with several very elegant pavilions, where the master occasionally seats himself to enjoy his hooka, singing, dancing, &c. to which may also be added the exercise of swinging, whirling in the hindola, and various other similar amusements, with which the Indians are much delighted.

Fyzabad is eighty-five miles east of Lucknow.

Oriental Scenery Part 3 Fig 3.jpg
Gate of the Loll Bhaug, at Fyzabad.