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Scientific Works published by Longmans, Green, &> Co, MENSURATION, SURVEYING, E.TC, Continued.

LONGMANS' JUNIOR SCHOOL MENSURATION. To meet the Requirements of the Oxford and Cambridge Junior Local Examinations, the College of Preceptors, etc. By W. S. BEARD, F.R.G.S., Head Master of Fareham Modern School. With Answers to Exercises and Examination Papers. Crown 8vo. , is. LUPTON.K PRACTICAL TREATISE ON MINE SURVEYING. By ARNOLD LUPTON, Mining Engineer, Certificated Colliery Manager, Surveyor, Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, etc. With 216 Illustrations. Medium 8vo., I2S. net. NESBIT. PRACTICAL MENSURATION. By A. NESBIT. Illus- trated by 700 Practical Examples and 700 Woodcuts. i2mo., y. 6(f. KEY, $s. SMITH. CIRCULAR SLIDE RULE. By G. L. SMITH. Fcp. 8vo., is. net. ALGEBRA, ETC. %* For other Books, see Longmans &* Co.'s Catalogue of Educational and School Books. ANNALS OF MATHEMATICS. (PUBLISHED UNDER THE AUSPICES OF HARVARD UNIVERSITY.} Issued Quarterly. 410., 2s. net. CONSTABLE AND MILLS. ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA UP TO AND INCLUDING QUADRATIC EQUATIONS. By W. G. CONSTABLE, B.Sc., B.A., and J. MILLS, B.A. Crown 8vo., 2s. With Answers, zs. 6d. Also in Three Parts. Crown 8vo.. cloth, limp, 90". each. ANSWERS. Three Parts. Crown 8vo., paper covers, 6d. each. CRACKNELL. PRACTICAL MATHEMATICS. By A. G. CRACKNELL, M.A. , B.Sc., Sixth Wrangler, etc. With Answers to the Examples. Crown 8vo., 3.?. 6d. LONGMANS' JUNIOR SCHOOL ALGEBRA. By WILLIAM S. BEARD, F.R.G.S., Head Master of the Modern School, Fareham. Crown 8vo., i.e. 6d. With Answers, 2s, SMITH. Works by J. HAMBLIN SMITH, M.A. ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA. New Edition, with a large number of Additional Exercises. With or without Answers. Crown 8vo. , y. 6d. Answers separately, 6d. KEY, Crown 8vo., 9^. %* The Original Edition of this Book is still on Sale, price 2s. 6d. EXERCISES IN ALGEBRA. With Answers. Fcap. 8vo., 2s. 6d. Copies may be had without the Answers. WELSFORD AND MA YO. ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA. By J. W. WELSFORD, M.A. , formerly Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, and C. H. P. MAYO, M.A., formerly Scholar of St. Peter's College, Cambridge; Assistant Masters at Harrow School. Crown 8vo., 3.?. 6d., or with Answers, 4^. 6d.