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Scientific Works published by Longmans, Green 6 Co.

Scientific Works published by Longmans, Green> 6 Co. ADVANCED SCIENCE MANUALS. BUILDING CONSTRUCTION. By the Author of ' Rivington's Notes on Building Construction'. With 385 Illustrations and an Appendix of Examination Questions. Crown 8vo. , 45. 6d. THEORETICAL MECHANICS. Solids, including Kinematics, Statics, and Kinetics. By A. THORNTON, M.A., F.R.A.S. With 220 Illustrations, 130 Worked Examples, and over 900 Examples from Examination Papers, etc. Crown 8vo., 45. 6d. HEAT. By MARK R. WRIGHT, Hon. Inter. B.Sc. (Lond.). With 136 Illustrations and numerous Examples and Examination Papers. Crown 8vo. , 4^. 6d. LIGHT. By W. J. A. EMTAGE, M.A. With 232 Illustrations. Cr. 8vo., 6s. MAGNETISM AND ELECTRICITY. By ARTHUR WILLIAM POYSER, M.A. With 317 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 45. 6d. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, THEORETI- CAL AND PRACTICAL. By WILLIAM JAGO, F.C.S., F.I.C. With Plate of Spectra and 78 Woodcuts. Crown 8vo., 4*. 6d. GEOLOGY : a Manual for Students in Ad- vanced Classes and for General Readers. By CHARLES BIRD, B.A. (Lond.), F.G.S. With over 300 Illustrations, a Geological Map of the British Isles (coloured), and a set of Questions for Examination. Crown 8vo., 75. 6d. HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY: a Manual for Students in advanced Classes of the Science and Art Department. By JOHN THORN- TON, M.A. With 284 Illustrations, some of which are Coloured, and a set of Questions for Examination. Crown 8vo. , 6s. PHYSIOGRAPHY. By JOHN THORNTON, M.A. With it Maps, 255 Illustrations, and Coloured Map of Ocean Deposits. Crown 8vo., 4^. 6d. AGRICULTURE. By HENRY J. WEBB, Ph.D., B.Sc. With 100 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. , js. 6d. net. HYGIENE. By J. LANE NOTTER, M.A., M.D., Professor of Hygiene in the Army Medical School, Netley, Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps ; and R. H. FIRTH, F.R.C.S., late Assistant Professor of Hygiene in the Army Medical School, Netley, Major, Royal Army Medical Corps. With 95 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., y 6d. ELEMENTARY SCIENCE MANUALS. PRACTICAL, PLANE, AND SOLID GEOMETRY. By I. H. MORRIS and JOSEPH HUSBAND. Fully Illustrated with Drawings. Crown 8vo., 2s. 6d. GEOMETRICAL DRAWING FOR ART STUDENTS. Embracing Plane Geo- metry and its Applications, the Use of Scales, and the Plans and Elevations of Solids. By I. H. MORRIS. Crown 8vo., AN INTRODUCTION TO MACHINE DRAWING AND DESIGN. By DAVID ALLAN Low. With 153 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. , 2s. 6d. BUILDING CONSTRUCTION AND DRAWING. By EDWARD J. BURRELL. With 308 Illustrations and Working Drawings. Crown 8vo., 2s. 6d. TEXT-BOOK ON PRACTICAL, SOLID, AN ELEMENTARY COURSE OF OR DESCRIPTIVE GEOMETRY. By | MATHEMATICS. Containing Arith- DAVID ALLAN Low (Whitworth Scholar). Part I. Crown 8vo., zs. Part II. Crown 8vo. , 3*. metic ; Euclid (Book I. , with Deductions and Exercises) ; and Algebra. Crown 8vo.. vs. 6d.