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battle of Magnesia, 192, and is glad to accept peace on conditions which leave him dependent upon Rome.

200 — 190. "Thus, within the short space of ten years, was laid the foundation of the Roman authority in the east, and the general state of affairs entirely changed. If Rome was not yet the ruler, she was at least the arbitress of the world from the Atlantic to the Euphrates. The power of the three principal states was so completely humbled, that they durst not, without the permission of Rome, begin any new war; the fourth, Egypt, had already, in the year 201, placed herself under the guardianship of Rome; and the lesser powers followed of themselves: esteeming it an honour to be called the allies of Rome. With this name the nations were lulled into security, and brought under the Roman yoke; the new political system of Rome was founded and strengthened, partly by exciting and supporting the weaker states against the stronger, however unjust the cause of the former might be, and partly by factions which she found means to raise in every state, even the smallest." (Heeren.)

172. War renewed between Macedon and Rome. Decisive defeat of Perses, the Macedonian king by Paulus Æmilius at Pydna, 168. Destruction of the Macedonian monarchy.