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It was not merely the number but the quality of this force that made them formidable; and however contemptible Varus might be as a general, Arminius well knew how admirably the Roman armies were organized and officered, and how perfectly the legionaries understood every manœuvre and every duty which the varying emergencies of a stricken field might require. Stratagem was, therefore, indispensable; and it was necessary to blind Varus to their schemes until a favourable opportunity should arrive for striking a decisive blow.

For this purpose, the German confederates frequented the head-quarters of Varus, which seem to have been near the centre of the modern country of Westphalia, where the Roman general conducted himself with all the arrogant security of the governor of a perfectly submissive province. There Varus gratified at once his vanity, his rhetorical tastes, and his avarice, by holding courts, to which he summoned the Germans for the settle-

    Still let the maiden's beauty swell the father's breast with pride;
    Still let the bridegroom's arms enfold an unpolluted bride.
    Spare us the inexpiable wrong, the unutterable shame,
    That turns the coward's heart to steel, the sluggard's blood to flame;
    Lest when our latest hope is fled ye taste of our despair,
    And learn by proof, in some wild hour, how much the wretched dare."