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And cried aloud in anguish — " Varus! Varus! Give back my legions, Varus!"[1]

Synopsis of Events between Arminius's Victory over Varus, and the Battle of Chalons.

A.D. 43. The Romans commence the conquest of Britain, Claudius being then emperor of Rome. The population of this island was then Celtic. In about forty years all the tribes south of the Clyde were subdued, and their land made a Roman province.

58—60. Successful campaigns of the Roman General Corbulo against the Parthians.

64. First persecution of the Christians at Rome under Nero.

68 — 70. Civil wars in the Roman world. The Emperors Nero, Galba, Otho, and Vitellius, cut off successively by violent deaths. Vespasian becomes emperor.

70. Jerusalem destroyed by the Romans under Titus.

83. Futile attack of Domitian on the Germans.

86. Beginning of the wars between the Romans and the Dacians.

  1. I have taken this translation from an anonymous writer in "Frazer," two years ago.