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VOLUME V, 1895-96. 498 pp. Price, $3.00 ; bound, $3.50. . Double Taxation in the United States. By Francis Walker, Ph, D. Price, $1.00. . The Separation of Governmental Powers. By William Bondy, LL. B., Ph. D. Price, $1.00. . Municipal Government in Michigan and Ohio. By Pelos F. Wilcox, Ph. D. Price $1.00. VOLUME VI, 1896. 601 pp. Price, $4.00 ; bound, $4,50. History of Proprietary Government in Pennsylvania. By William Robert Shepherd, Ph. D. Price, $4.00; bound, $4.50. VOLUME VII, 1896. 512 pp. Price, $3.00 ; bound, $3.50. . History of the Transition from Provincial to Commonwealth Govern- ment in Massachusetts. By Harry A. Cushing, Ph. D. Price, $2.00. . Speculation on the Stock and Produce Exchanges of the United States. By Henry Crosby Emery, Ph. D. Price, $1.50. VOLUME VIII, 1896-98. 551 pp. Price, $3.50; bound, $4.00. . The Struggle between President Johnson and Congress over Recon- struction. By Charles Ernest Chadsey, Ph. D. Price, $1.00. . Recent Centralizing Tendencies in State Educational Administration. By William Clarence Webster, Ph. D. Price, 75c. . The Abolition of Privateering and the Declaration of Paris. By Francis R. Stark, LL. B., Ph. D. Price, $1.00. . Public Administration in Massachusetts. The Relation of Central to Local Activity. By Robert Harvey Whitten, Ph. D. Price, $1.00. VOLUME XI, 1897-98. 617 pp. Price, $3.50 ; bound, $4.00. . English Local Government of To-day. A Study of the Relations of Cen- tral and Local Government. ByMilo Roy Maltbie, Ph. D. Price, $2.00. Vol. IX, no. J, may also be obtained botmd. Price, I2.50. . German Wage Theories. A History of their Development. By James W. Crook, Ph. D. Price, $1.00. . The Centralization of Administration in New York State. By John Archibald Fairlie, Ph.D. Price, $1.00,