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1 VOLUME XIV, 1901-1902. 576 pp. Price, $3.50 ; bound. $4.00. . Loyalism in New York during the American Revolution. By Alexander Clarence Flick, Ph. D. Price, $2.00 . The Economic Theory of Risk and Insurance. By Allan H. Willett, Ph. D. Price, $1.50. . The Eastern Question. A Study in Diplomacy. By Stephen P. H. Duggan, Ph. D. Price, $1.50. VOLUME XV, 1902. 427 pp. Price, $3.00; bound, $3.50. Crime in its Relations to Social Progress. By Arthur Cleveland Hall, Ph. D VOLUME XVI. 1902. . The Past and Present of Commerce in Japan. By Yetaro Kinosita, Ph.D. Price, $1.50. . The Employment of Women in the Clothing Trade. By Mabel Hurd Willett, Ph. D. Price, $1.50. The set of fifteen volumes (except that Vol. II can be supplied only in unbound nos. 2 and 3) is offered bound for $50. For further information apply to Prof. EDWIN R. A. SELIGMAN. Columbia University, or to THE MACMILLAN COMPANY, New York, London : P. S. KING & SON, Orchard House, Westminster.